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KeyBridge Computer Services

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  Your key to quality business computing solutions

           Tel: (330) 231-1899          Email: steve@keybridgeltd.com


19+ Years of Experience in the technology industry


No vested interest in particular products


Able to bridge the gap between technology and real business needs

KeyBridge Computer Services is owned and operated by Steven L. Mullet, who has over 19 years of experience working as a computer consultant and service provider.  Relocating to Holmes County in 1997 (he grew up here), Steve is continuing his work as a computer services provider to local businesses and organizations.

KeyBridge does not sell computers or software directly, though Steve's work often includes finding the best products and prices for clients needing to make such purchases.  By not re-selling products, Steve's consulting philosophy avoids the conflict of interest which vendors can experience when they assume the dual role of determining the client's technical needs as well as selling them the product.

Instead, KeyBridge focuses its services on:

1) matching business needs with computer solutions,
2) keeping computers and software running smoothly, and
3) training people to use the technology

The rapid pace of change within the computer industry can create serious problems for businesses. Without the proper technical knowledge combined with good strategic planning, literally thousands of dollars can be wasted on computer technology. And without good means to keep computers and software running smoothly, even the best purchases can be rendered useless.

KeyBridge brings expertise which eliminates both of these problems for businesses so that they can focus on their business goals with their computer systems serving as true assets rather than unexpected liabilities.

For additional information, you may want to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Contacting KeyBridge

Email:  steve@keybridgeltd.com
Telephone:  (330) 231-1899        FAX:  (330) 893-4022
Postal Address:  PO Box 7, Berlin, OH 44610

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