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  Your key to quality business computing solutions

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Your key to unlocking the vast potentials that computer technology has to offer your business.



Able to bridge the gap between the technical and real business needs in language that business people can understand and appreciate.

I selected the name KeyBridge because it describes well the philosophy of my work with computers.

The word "Key" is fairly obvious. Keys unlock things, and I see the fundamentals of my work as helping people to unlock the potentials of computer technology to address their needs.

"Bridge" is important to me for two primary reasons.   First of all, computer solutions to business needs ought to function much like bridges.  They solve real problems, and at their best, you really shouldn't need to think much about them.  Glitz, bells and whistles are not that important.  What really matters is functionality, durability and reliability -- in other words, it needs to work, and it needs to work well.

Secondly, I see my own role as serving as a "bridge" between my client and computer technology.  I am never impressed by professional consultants who overwhelm their clients through an over-abundance of technical jargon.  My job is first of all (and most importantly) to understand my client's business and organizational needs and second, to select, apply and maintain the computer technology most capable of meeting those needs within the budgetary guide-lines determined by my client.  A critical part of that task is to explain the options to my client in a language that my client can readily understand.  

In addition to my years of experience with technology, I also have had a good number of years of "hands-on" experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit business sectors.  This mixture of experience allows me to bridge the gap between technology and real-world business needs.

These are the thoughts that went into choosing the name KeyBridge Computer Services.

~ Steven L. Mullet

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Contacting KeyBridge

Email:  steve@keybridgeltd.com
Telephone:  (330) 231-1899        FAX:  (330) 893-4022
Postal Address:  PO Box 7, Berlin, OH 44610

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